Music and the Moving Image

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Racalmuto presents a show focused on children that combines music and animated cartoon films.

The staging of the show is seasoned with a nice dose of humor by members of the band, who introduce each tune with a comedy sketch that explains the main argument and funny facts of the film. In the same manner the musicians tell the role of the music in the creation of the cartoon’s soundtrack, i.e. each instrument playing an effect generally associated to a movement, a mood or a typical cartoon situation.

It is a small introduction to the world of music, each instrument’s particular sonority and its effect on the moving image. Some of the kids will climb up to the stage to play and feel a contrabass, a drum set or a clarinet for the first time in their lives.


Learning Spanish with Music and Cartoons


This is a parallel project done in combination with the Music and the Moving Image show in which the group incorporates the teaching of the language to the explanation of the relationship between live music and film.

Besides being Spanish Miguel’s mother language he has broad experience as a language teacher, both in Spanish and in English. He applies this experience to the show, turning a plain language lesson into a fun and interactive experience for the children.

This different alternative of the project is optional and it can be added to the show when requested, i.e. in schools with a Spanish program, Spanish students visiting a theater or a museum, e.a.

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